Another 140 apartments at "Unter den Linden" to be let

Registered applicants will be considered automatically

Developing inner-city brownfield sites or unused space between buildings into innovative residential living spaces is one of Monheimer Wohnen's declared key objectives. The 233 apartments under construction in the "Unter den Linden" quarters are now almost ready for occupancy. Visualization: Monheimer Wohnen

Some of the apartments have gardens. Visualization: Monheimer Wohnen

About 1,100 applicants registered for the first lot of 93 apartments. Now another 140 of the total of 233 apartments of the "Unter den Linden" quarters are nearing completion, and due to be rented out to applicants from February 1, 2022.

More information on the apartments themselves and the criteria for a successful tenancy application is available from [E-Mail] This is also where interested citizens can download the application form. The "Rent Application Form" (Mieterinteressentenfragebogen) requires all the information needed to enable a fair award procedure and is also available from the Municipal Services Office (Bürgerbüro) at the City Hall. Daniel Fieweger, Director of Monheimer Wohnen, explains: "Ideally, the form is completed on a PC and then emailed to [E-Mail] This way, we automatically have the sender's correct email address for any questions, and all the information given is clearly readable. Of course you can also fill in the form by hand and post it in the City Hall's letterbox. When doing so, take extra care to ensure all information is easily legible so we can process it correctly." In any case, the sender must provide an email address for all further communication.

Users can decide which additional information they wish to provide exceeding that requested in the application form, and which documents to attach. Fieweger: "Users can provide additional information in the comments field (Bemerkungsfeld), and such information often proves helpful down the line. Adding documents is not a requirement until the procedure has reached the evaluation and decision phase, but we will approach potential new tenants directly when the time comes."

Different layouts

The apartments cannot be viewed in beforehand as they are still under construction and viewing tours would cause unnecessary delays. The floor plans published on the website are sample layouts, the variety will actually be larger.

In the first round of applications, about a quarter of the roughly 1,100 applicants were selected as potential tenants. Each of these hopeful applicants received a prospectus and a non-binding offer. The final decision on which applicant was accepted was only taken after a careful review and evaluation of the additional documents furnished by applicants. Fieweger: "This means that at least three applicants were considered for each apartment. The second round will run a similar course if we have as many applicants as we did in the first round."

One important difference in the second round of applications is that applicants who were selected as a potential tenant by Monheimer Wohnen in the first round, but eventually not offered a contract for one of the first 93 apartments, will automatically be included in the second round of letting. This means that they do not have to re‑apply unless any relevant information provided in their application form has changed. If, for instance, a higher or larger amount of their income is now available for the monthly rent payments, it makes sense to fill in a new form. When doing so, users should highlight the changes and mention that this is a re‑application in the comments field when completing the form.

Rent per square meter ranges from six to ten euros

Monheimer Wohnen was founded as a subsidiary of the City of Monheim in 2017, and is currently carrying out two major development projects encompassing a total of 470 residential units, thirty percent of which as subsidized housing, in two different parts of Monheim. The "Unter den Linden" development project in the Berliner Viertel part of town was the first one to kick off. By September 1, 2021, the first 93 apartments will be ready for occupancy, another 140 are expected to be ready from February 1, 2022. For the privately financed units, rents will range from 9.25 euros meter to 10.00 euros per square meter, while the publicly subsidized units will be let for a base rent of 6.00 euros per square meter. The apartments will be distributed across eleven blocks and equipped with underfloor heating, storage compartments and a bicycle room in the basement, floor-level showers and elevators. Apartments located on the ground floor have private gardens for their tenants, apartments on higher floors have balconies and terraces. Playgrounds and parking spaces have also been included in the development.

The apartments are sized between 43 and 125 square meters, from small studio apartments to larger ones with one to four bedrooms. Tenants are chosen following a selection procedure with several phases, in which Monheimer Wohnen places particular importance on supporting families with children or applicants with an urgent need for barrier-free housing. Moreover, applicants who already live or work in Monheim will be given preference in the selection process. Social hardships are another aspect that is considered when selecting tenants, to benefit, for instance, applicants who have lost their home through no fault of their own or women currently living in shelters. When reviewing a pregnant woman's application, the unborn child is counted as an individual family member.

Application deadline ends on August 15

The order in which application forms are received explicitly does not play a role when selecting future tenants. "Every correctly completed application form submitted by August 15 will be treated equally in the upcoming selection procedure for the next 140 apartments," Director Daniel Fieweger stresses. "As before, we will proactively approach every applicant who has handed in an application form," he promises. Following up in writing or by telephone will not speed up the process. Demand is expected to clearly exceed the number of available units again; successful applicants who will be able to occupy one of the apartments will definitely be informed in good time in October to ensure that they can observe the statutory notice period of three months for their current home when they sign up with Monheimer Wohnen.

In addition to the 233 apartments in the "Unter den Linden" residential quarters, the ongoing "Europaallee" project in the east of Baumberg covers 31 apartments in three blocks and a child daycare center. These units are due to be ready for occupancy in spring 2022. "Sophie-Scholl-Quartier" is another project in the pipeline in Baumberg, due to begin in 2023. It will cover 201 residential units and a child daycare center just north of Holzweg Passage, with completion planned for 2025. All three residential developments will feature underground car parks and brand new, modern living spaces, thus providing Monheim am Rhein with high-quality, affordable housing in accordance with Monheimer Wohnen's self-proclaimed goals.

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Registered applicants will be considered automatically

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